Bolzano, a City

between Two Worlds

Balanced in between the cultures of Central Europe and the Mediterranean,

Bolzano is a city full of surprises.

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A city defined by profound cultural contrasts, Bolzano has managed to blend Central European and Mediterranean influences throughout its history. Today, this small town in the heart of the Alps is imbued with a vibrant energy that reverberates through its streets, squares and monuments, making it a destination that is full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

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Itineraries and Excursions

L’Alto Adige è una terra ricchissima di bellezze, ma non è sempre necessario allontanarsi dalla città per scoprirle.

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Events in Bolzano

Festivals and events in Bolzano represent some of the most authentic moments in the life of the city.

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The Bolzano Card

Enjoy exclusive benefits only for hotel guests.

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Surroundings of Bolzano

South Tyrol is a land rich in beauty, but it is not always necessary to leave the city to discover it.

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Museums and Monuments

South Tyrol's centuries-old history can be explored through Bolzano's museums and monuments.